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We believe nothing is as nutritious and delicious as homemade food.

Many of us consider homemade cuisine to be more than just a word, but rather an emotion that we want to carry on to the next generation while also ensuring that they receive essential nutrients from the traditional meal that is even more delicious and flavorful in the smallest amount of time.

Therefore, We have created a variety of spice powders and mixes, healthy flour, pickles, chutneys, and other foods that are prepared using our traditional recipes and methods.

We use the best quality raw materials, and the same roots retain the nutritional value of the product, which will always remind us of our native taste and flavor and make us feel homely.


Mission & Vision

Over a period of time our spice powder and Masala have been successful in retaining authentic taste and enhance the flavor of regional cuisine in Maharashtra.

Now we aspire to explore every region of India and study about their signature recipes of making spices and unique combination of spices which attribute to its Native and homely touch.

Our Service

On the service side, We make sure that the spices are freshly prepared and get delivered to you on- time or within an acceptable time frame and in condition you expect it to be in.

We assure purity and the authenticity of our product and make sure that we are consistent with its taste.

To safeguard both, the product and the consumer we make sure about stringent hygiene and packaging that help us maintain safety standards, avoid downtime, and solidify brand loyalty.

Any of your customers purchasing our product, is having any sort of query, questions, or complaint on your behalf we may be answerable to them.

We will review all workflows regularly to make sure they are running in the most efficient way possible